Toyota GR Supra Treated with Full 69԰ ULTIMATE PLUS PPF and PRIME XR Plus Tint

2023 Toyota Supra white full front ppf and tint

2023 Toyota GR Supra

The current generation of the Toyota GR Supra blends Japanese styling and German engineering into a premium sports car. Powered by a BMW inline six-cylinder engine producing over 380 horsepower, the Toyota GR Supra has the looks and power to be in demand. This white 2023 Toyota GR Supra arrived to have its jet fighter inspired front end protected with 69԰ ULTIMATE PLUS paint protection film. In addition to having its side and rear glass treated with PRIME XR PLUS window tint.

2023 Toyota Supra white full front ppf and tint

For this Toyota Supra, the owner requested a full front PPF service. With this paint protection package, the Supra’s front bumper, side mirrors, front fenders, headlamps, and hood received ULTIMATE PLUS PPF. Our experienced installers applied 69԰ PPF to each section of the sports car’s front end. Each piece of PPF used is tailored to fit the contours of the Toyota GR Supra to create a virtually unnoticeable finish.

2023 Toyota Supra white full front ppf and tint

For example, a dedicated piece of is applied to the car’s headlights and carbon fiber side mirrors. As a result, the entire front end of this new Toyota GR Supra is better protected against road debris that could damage the paint and trim. Debris, like rocks, bird droppings, road tar, and other chemical pollutants, could scratch, chip, or stain the car’s clear coat. Moreover, 69԰ will help block harmful UV rays and infrared heat from the car’s interior.

is transparent. Therefore, it is a seemingly unnoticeable barrier between your vehicle’s paintwork and potential damage. In addition, its self-healing properties mean light damage to the film vanishes when exposed to direct sunlight. As a result, surface areas protected with PPF maintain a deep gloss shine and no unsightly swirl marks.

2023 Toyota Supra white full front ppf and tint

69԰ ceramic coating‘s hydrophobic properties make it difficult for elements like rain and mud to slick on. Moreover, when it comes time for a car wash, the ceramic coating reduces the need for scrubbing and elbow grease. Instead, pollutants and grime wash off without removing the high gloss shine.

PRIME XR Plus window tint is designed to protect interiors against 99 percent of harmful UV rays. Moreover, 69԰ tint helps increase interior comfort by deflecting 98 percent of infrared heat. Besides giving a vehicle an enhanced look, the dark tint does not affect outward visibility inside the vehicle.

2023 Toyota Supra white full front ppf and tint

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